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Charitable Arts Corp.
9425 SW 142nd St
Miami, FL 33176
Stacey Donayre



How we function


Charitable Arts is comprised of high school student volunteers from different schools who share a common goal to improve the lives of children in need. We locate and work with local and international organizations that are dedicated to helping the children of impoverished communities. Charitable Arts hosts art days where the student volunteers work with the children to create some amazing paintings. Later we hold fundraising events to auction the paintings and sell other articles, such as cards, which are made using the art work of the children. The proceeds from the sales are donated to the sponsoring organization in a ceremony attended by the children artists. Our aim is to provide the children with a creative escape from the rigors of their daily lives, but more importantly, to give them a sense of empowerment by showing them how they have helped those, that help them. 

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Our Mission
Charitable Arts is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that helps underpriveleged children through the use of art. 

At Charitable Arts we believe that through the creative use of art, we can make a difference by helping children, help themselves.



News & Publications

Gulliver Schools’ Charitable Arts Club Paints Mural at UM Children’s Heart Center



As part of Gulliver Schools’ Charitable Arts Club service to the community, Prep students recently painted a colorful mural leading the way to the Children’s Heart Center (CHC) at the Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

Gulliver Chapter travels to Mexico City to paint a mural at Hogar Dulce Hogar  



Students from the Gulliver Chapter travel to Mexico City to paint a mural at an orphanage called, Hogar Dulce Hogar.  Braden Donayre, Patricio Hernandez-Ysasi and Oliver Hart lead the progect, designing the mural and leading the project to completion. 

Children residing at the orphanage also help to paint the mural.

Charitable Arts travels to San Carlos Mexico to raise money to build a secondary school



Students from Gulliver joined forces with students from Tucson, AZ and Los Angeles, CA in efforts to raise enough money to build a much needed school for the fishing village called La Manga.  The schoolis complete and operating in August.

Gulliver Chapter paints mural at Care Elementory



Students worked with Artist Michael Haley to paint a mural at Care Elementory. It was a wonderful collaboraton of efforts. Congratulation Michael and all the voluteers on a beautiful mural.

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