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Charitable Arts Highschool Clubs

Our mission is to create a global volunteer movement of “kids helping kids” through the medium of art. Our objective is to teach children some basic art skills, provide them with mentorship, and empower them by showing them how to profit from their artwork in order give back to their community.  Charitable Arts is comprised of student volunteers that participate in high school clubs. If you have an interest in starting an chapter at your school please contact us and we will help you get started.

Gulliver Preparatory Chapter
Club Sponsor: Mr Mickey DelCastillo

The Gulliver students have elected to divide all of the officer responsibities between three co-presidents. These responsibilities include organizing the club meeting, puchasing all art supplies, planning and organizing "art days" and fundraising events.


Club Officers:


Co-Presidents: Marina Wilkin

Co-Presidents: Alexandra 

Co-Presidents: Niles Miller


This year the Gulliver Chapter will focus on helping the children at Chapman Partnership and Care Elementory School.

Ransom Everglades Chapter
Club Sponsor: Dr. Jeannine Lehr
The Ransome students divide the responsibilities in a more traditions sense with the responsibilities being divided according to their title.
Club Officers:

President: Alyssa Lloret

Vice President: Allison Siegel 

Treasurer: Chloe Namias

Secretary: Lauren Simkovic


This year the Ransom chapter will be focusing their efforts on helping Breakthough Miami, Elizabelth Virrick Park and Care Elementory School.



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